I Had the Time of My Life!…By Mark Niblo

Mark NibloPost written by Mark Niblo, Marketing Director at Durvet | Long Distance Runner | Iowa by Birth-Kansas City by Choice

How often do you hear people say they want to get away from work but just can’t do it because they’re too busy or some other excuse they come up with to justify not taking time off?

I WAS that person. I would only get out of the office for a day or two at a time to attend industry meetings or shows and would still return to a stress-filled environment of tasks that had piled up while I was gone.

Conventions and work travel sound fun, but can be stressful with negotiations, entertaining people when you’re tired, spending time with competitors, or sometimes going with people you would never go on vacation with or spend your weekend around. Continue reading “I Had the Time of My Life!…By Mark Niblo”

The Leaves Are Changing. Are Your Bees Ready?…By Alex Sandmann

Alex SandmannPost written by Alex Sandmann, Customer Service Expert | Consumer & Vendor Liaison | Market Researcher | Project Manager | Rancher | Fitness Enthusiast

The leaves are changing, there’s a nip in the air, everything you see now comes in “pumpkin spice” flavoring… so this can only mean one thing… Fall is officially upon us and Winter will soon be here.

As beekeepers we need to make sure that our hives are prepared to handle the winter. Surviving the winter is the most stressful period for honeybees. They don’t migrate south for the winter like birds and senior citizens. Continue reading “The Leaves Are Changing. Are Your Bees Ready?…By Alex Sandmann”

Things I Learned Around the Campfire…By Stacye Wyatt

Post written by Stacye Wyatt, Regional Sales Manager

Have you ever just sat around a campfire and listened to the crackle of the flame? Have you ever longed to just kick back and listen to the sounds around you?

campfire-2As a Girl Scout my fondest memories were sitting around the campfire, singing songs, roasting marshmallows, watching girls do silly skits, and passing on our traditions.

When you think about a campfire, what comes to mind? S’mores, songs, safety, relaxation, building a fire…or do you worry about tomorrow? Continue reading “Things I Learned Around the Campfire…By Stacye Wyatt”

Guest Blog Post: Will We Have ENOUGH to Feed the World in 2050?


Author: Becky Fouard, Elanco Corporate Communications

Real conversation:

Student, in a concerned voice: “What is that? Are you going to eat it?”

Teacher: “Calm down, it is just cauliflower.

Student: “What is that?

Teacher: “Wait, have you never seen cauliflower before? It’s a vegetable; please tell me you are joking.”  

ElancoThree years ago my husband and I moved from Kansas to the “big city” of Indianapolis for my new job with Elanco Animal Health.

With my shift in careers came my husband’s new role as a teacher at an inner-city high school, with 3,600 students from all different backgrounds. I will never forget the day my husband came home and shared with me that he had lunch with his students that day and none of them had ever seen cauliflower before. Continue reading “Guest Blog Post: Will We Have ENOUGH to Feed the World in 2050?”

I’m The New Kid On The Block at Durvet…By Emily Garcia

emily-garciaPost written by Emily Garcia, Marketing Coordinator

Being the new kid on the block at a new job, a new school or a new neighborhood can be tough.

But it also offers a unique opportunity to see your surroundings in a new perspective that others may not.

For the past month or so, I’ve been the new kid on the block at Durvet.  Time has flown by and my days have been filled with learning about the company and the people that make Durvet what it is.

I wanted to take a moment to share a few of my observations about the individuals that I’m lucky enough to call my new colleagues:  Continue reading “I’m The New Kid On The Block at Durvet…By Emily Garcia”

At Durvet, Trade Show Season Is Upon Us…By Bill Boots

Bill BootsPost written by Bill Boots, Livestock Brand Manager | Animal Health Industry Lifer | KC Sports Fan | Basketball Junkie

Trade Show Season. Those words may mean different things to different people, but at Durvet, it means we’re about to get VERY busy.

For us Durvet folks, trade show season is usually centered around two times of the year, Spring and Fall. Trade shows are basically of two varieties:

  1. Industry-Related Shows – Annual industry-related trade shows, such as the National Cattleman’s Trade Show, held in conjunction each year with their national meeting…or the World Pork Expo held every year in June in Des Moines, IA…or the World Dairy Expo, held every October in Madison, WI.
  2. “Buying Shows” – These are put on by our individual member distributors.

Continue reading “At Durvet, Trade Show Season Is Upon Us…By Bill Boots”