Have You Thanked The Unsung Heroes In Your Life Lately? …. By Todd Muenstermann

Post written by Todd Muenstermann, President

Have you thanked the unsung heroes in your life lately?

I had the privilege of meeting one of Missouri’s finest a few days ago…a Missouri Highway Patrolman named Cpl Rick Scism. I know what you’re thinking!  You’re thinking that means Todd got caught speeding or doing some unlawful deed, right?  Well, fortunately for me you’d be wrong.

Speeding was what our former President, Bob Hormann, very often got caught doing. In fact, I’m certain Bob still has his traffic attorney on speed dial!  No, meeting Cpl Scism wasn’t about any lawlessness on my part. It was to discuss a young man named Jack Shull who’s the 22-year-old son of one of my best friends. You see, it turns out Jack wants to become a Missouri Highway Patrolman, which is something to be admired in my humble opinion. And the more I think about it, perhaps more so today than ever before. Continue reading “Have You Thanked The Unsung Heroes In Your Life Lately? …. By Todd Muenstermann”

Don’t OVER SELL Yourself…By Callista Bond

Callista BondPost written by Callista Bond, Creative Entrepreneur | Graphic Designer | Photographer | Artist | Planeteer

We’ve all read the sales leadership articles on how to sell, make the competition disappear, or make your interview great. Whether it’s selling a product, a service or yourself as a potential future employee, a lot of these articles make several good and valuable points. Have confidence, know your product, and know your customer. However, not all selling tips are created equal. It’s easy to get carried away and OVER SELL.

I see OVER SELLING frequently. For me, over selling is when someone comes off as inconsiderate, overwhelming and desperate in his or her attempt to sell to me.

As a graphic designer, I get hammered with marketing pieces and phone calls from packaging companies, printers, website firms, SEO and web marketing agencies…the list goes on and on and on. We live in a world that is filled with advertising and selling…more than we can compute…and it can become quite overwhelming… and annoying. Continue reading “Don’t OVER SELL Yourself…By Callista Bond”

Meet The DuraMom!…By Valarie Paris

Valarie ParisPost written by Valarie Paris, Controller | Entrepreneur | Debt Free Enthusiast | Boyscout & Softball Mom | Blogger

When I responded to the ad for Controller at Durvet, the listing described the duties of the position: Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Billing, and Banking. There were other items that were discussed in my interview like liability and health insurance, Human Resources, and the yearly audit.

But there’s one important piece that was never discussed that has become the most rewarding part of the position I took: DuraMom.

According to the Urban Dictionary, the definition of Mom is, “The woman who loves you unconditionally [from birth], the one who puts her kids before herself, and the one you can always count on above everyone else.” Continue reading “Meet The DuraMom!…By Valarie Paris”

I’m Bee-coming Fascinated With Bees…By Alex Sandmann

Alex SandmannPost written by Alex Sandmann, Customer Service Expert | Consumer & Vendor Liaison | Market Researcher | Project Manager | Rancher | Fitness Enthusiast

I would like to start this blog post off with a little disclaimer:

I’m in no way, shape or form any type of expert on bees, their nutrition, honey production or disease! I’m just a guy who, when our company asked “Would anyone be interested in going to a seminar about beekeeping to learn more for our new product line?” I said “Sure.” Little did I know that it would make me bee-come so enamored with the subject that I too am now becoming an armature apiarist.

The purpose of this blog post is to talk about things to consider if you too are interested in starting your own hive. But before we dive into that I would like to take this time to tell you why I became so fascinated with bees: Continue reading “I’m Bee-coming Fascinated With Bees…By Alex Sandmann”

Lessons from 16 Years of Sales Pro…By Mark Niblo

Mark NibloPost written by Mark Niblo, Marketing Director at Durvet | Long Distance Runner | Iowa by Birth-Kansas City by Choice

Sales Pro 2016 is in the books! Hats off to everyone who participated in making this annual event another great success.

We’ve been doing this event every year since 2000, moving it from city to city and exposing our distributor salespeople to many different parts of the country.

I think back to 16 years ago when we started this meeting on how difficult it was to get our supplier partners excited about participating. I’m convinced that this was due to the fact that annual sales meetings had gotten such a bad reputation.

I, of course, blame this on our competitors who hold annual events and had a habit of over-charging, over-promising, sometimes threatening, and then under-delivering results year after year. Continue reading “Lessons from 16 Years of Sales Pro…By Mark Niblo”

5 Tips for Keeping Your Chickens Cool This Summer…By Kassie Kreissler

Kassie KreisslerPost written by Kassie Kreissler, Marketing Specialist | Event Coordinator | Social Media Expert | Live Music Supporter | Rancher | Horse Trainer

The 4th of July has come and gone, meaning the summer heat is upon us. I love Summer and I’m one of those people who would much rather be hot than cold.

While I enjoy the summer heat, some of our animals friends may not…specifically, the two legged & feathered kind.

kassiechicksWe’ve had chickens for just over four years and I grew up always having a few chickens around. Over the years I’ve seen some of our hens overheat. If you think your chickens are having a hard time adjusting to the heat of the summer, some signs to look for are:

  • Panting
  • Holding wings away from body
  • Acting Lethargic
  • Limpness
  • Diarrhea

Continue reading “5 Tips for Keeping Your Chickens Cool This Summer…By Kassie Kreissler”

How To Bathe A Feral Pig…By Mike Gallagher

mike gallagherPost written by Mike Gallagher, Sales Coordinator

Recently I took a call from an elderly lady in North Georgia. Mrs. Olson had recently received a pig as a gift and her question was how to shampoo this newly acquired “prize”.  I will try to recall the conversation as best as I remember it.

“Mrs. Olson, please tell me about your pig and then we will address your questions.”

She started, “Well, some friends of mine had been taking a hike through some very thick woods close to our area, and they came upon several small pigs.  Since they knew I have always wanted a pet animal, and was never allowed to have one since my husband was alive, they thought of me.  They somehow were able to snare one of the pigs and brought it home to my house. It’s the cutest little thing and I’m very grateful to them.”

I asked her, “Do you know what breed of pig it is?”

Immediately, the answer came back, “I believe they called it a feral pig.  Do you know much about that breed?” Continue reading “How To Bathe A Feral Pig…By Mike Gallagher”