Lunch Is Served! A Durvet Tradition Continues…By Rosalie Christopher

Durvet BBQ

Rosalie ChristopherPost written by Rosalie Christopher, Marketing Coordinator at Durvet | Career Animal Health Industry | Paper Crafter | Dog Enthusiast | Sports Fan

As the 2015 World Champion Kansas City Royals have demonstrated, it takes a team effort to achieve every win.

Durvet operates in a similar fashion, as each and every employee is an integral part of the success of our organization. We all “wear many hats” to service our distributor members on a daily basis.

And when our monthly sales goals are met, we celebrate as a team with a lunch feast, often prepared by Durvet management (minus the champagne and eye goggles!) In keeping with Kansas City tradition, barbecue is most often the selected fare.

Durvet BBQWe’re certainly a diverse group, but food seems to bring us all together. Throughout the year, we often have “potluck” lunches with everyone bringing a favorite dish.

When we hear that familiar voice over the intercom system announce “Lunch is served!”, we all gather to enjoy a break in our day to catch up with one other.

Durvet employees work hard but still find time to have a few laughs as we go about our daily business. Something as simple as a group lunch goes a long way toward recognizing the efforts of every employee and establishing a more positive work environment.

It’s no secret…a great company culture boosts productivity and enhances employee dedication. We live that every day at Durvet.

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