The Zika Virus: The More You Know, The Better…By Kassie Kreissler

Kassie KreisslerPost written by Kassie Kreissler, Marketing Specialist | Event Coordinator | Social Media Expert | Live Music Supporter | Rancher | Horse Trainer

Our country as a whole isn’t ready for the Zika virus, but it’s coming whether we’re ready for it or not.  So we need to prepare ourselves and have prevention methods on standby at all times.

The World Health Organization describes mosquitoes as the greatest menace known to mankind. Microsoft founder Bill Gates calls them the deadliest animals on earth. 

I couldn’t agree more. They annoy everyone and, with Summer upon us, they’re going to start taking over our outdoor activities. Mosquitoes spread vector-borne diseases (i.e. transmitted by parasite or insect) such as malaria, dengue, yellow fever and now the Zika disease.

The Zika Virus is more scary than most thought it would be. I know I’m nervous about it and I know many other people who are even more nervous to travel outside of the United States.

There continues to be more information produced and research done on the Zika Virus every day. With that in mind, here are five facts to help understand what the Zika Virus actually is:

Five Facts About The Zika Virus

  1. The Zika virus is spread by mosquito bites and is sexually transmitted.
  2. Symptoms of Zika virus infection are usually mild.
  3. There’s no vaccine to protect against the Zika virus.
  4. Zika began in Africa.
  5. Unborn babies are most at risk from Zika virus complications.

Click here to find several fact sheets and posters from the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention that contain helpful information.

  • Mosquito Bite Prevention
  • Zika: The Basics of the Virus & How to Protect Against It
  • What can be Done

As of May 25, 2016, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, all 591 Zika cases currently reported in the United States thus far have been travel-associated. No locally acquired vector-borne cases have been recorded. Below you can see that only 5 states haven’t reported any cases (Idaho, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota).

Zika Map

While there is no stopping this virus, you can prevent and reduce the possibility of getting bit by a mosquito carrying this virus. Durvet offers a dozen spray, wipe, fogger, mist and spot-on insecticide products that are all indicated for killing, repelling and controlling mosquitoes. In addition, Durvet carries 3M’s full UltraThon line of insecticides with DEET.

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