How Your Store’s Curb Appeal Is A Lot Like Dating…By Kerry Glakeler


Kerry GlakelerPost written by Kerry Glakeler, Brand Manager at Durvet, Inc.

Marriage for me is awesome and I must say I got the best husband ever but……remember the adventures of dating?

Now take a moment and really “visualize” what you went through when you were out looking to meet that perfect person (or as one of my coworkers said…it was just that “pretty face” he was looking for.) Others of us might have been looking for a little more of a “full packaged deal” right off the bat!

Are those old memories bringing a mischievous smile to your face? Let’s take a walk down memory lane shall we….

  1. First you have to grab their attention. What did you go through to make sure you looked your very best?
  2. Then you hope they decide to come over and talk to you. How did you help make this happen?
  3. openIf first conversations are good, it may lead to a date. What impression did you make? (my husband Steve tells a story that is totally different than mine…I did NOT pick HIM up!)
  4. You hope the first date is enjoyable enough to plan a second date. What did you do for your first date?
  5. After the first few dates you hope a relationship forms that allows you to really get to know this person. Did you listen and learn about them?
  6. You start to spend more frequent time with them. What do you all enjoy doing together? (Steve learned how to ride horses really quick 🙂
  7. A trust and loyalty bond starts to form. How do you earn this?
  8. You want to include them in all your plans. Have your old standard plans been upgraded?
  9. They are your favorite person. How do you show it?
  10. Then comes that bond of marriage that lasts a lifetime. (For me, this is the best part!)

Well it might not go exactly like I just described, but getting consumers in your store is very much of the same process!

  1. First you have to grab their attention as they’re driving by. What does the outside of your store look like? Is it inviting or does it look like a junk yard?
  2. You have to have enough appeal to get them to decide to pull in. What does the outside of your store communicate? (“We sell something, but we’re just not sure” or “We are you one-stop farm and feed store.”)
  3. strategyThe outside and inside of your store has to make a good impression on them.
  4. You better make sure they have an experience that will bring them back. Customer service is the new marketing!
  5. Did you collect info on your new consumer to get to know them and their needs?
  6. What’s going to get them back into your store more frequently…specials, e-mails, texts, frequent shopper cards?
  7. Do they trust you and feel you bring value to them? Be the expert!
  8. How do you get them involved…open house, seminars, Facebook?
  9. How much do they love you? Ask for referrals, feedback, “Likes”, “Shares”, and testimonials.
  10. A lifelong customer is your goal!

Is your store’s curb appeal enough to get them interested? Do you need a curb appeal makeover?

If your store has gone through a makeover or is getting ready to, I would love to see your BEFORE and AFTER pictures! Send them to