I’m The New Kid On The Block at Durvet…By Emily Garcia


emily-garciaPost written by Emily Garcia, Marketing Coordinator

Being the new kid on the block at a new job, a new school or a new neighborhood can be tough.

But it also offers a unique opportunity to see your surroundings in a new perspective that others may not.

For the past month or so, I’ve been the new kid on the block at Durvet.  Time has flown by and my days have been filled with learning about the company and the people that make Durvet what it is.

I wanted to take a moment to share a few of my observations about the individuals that I’m lucky enough to call my new colleagues: 

Mark NibloMark NibloThe Road Warrior

Mark is on the road more than almost anyone I know. By day, he’s traversing the country meeting with our members and attending shows (he recently wrote about Sales Pro). By night, he’s traversing the area roads by foot or by bike. Yes, you read that correctly – Mark is a marathoner! His dedication to both work and his personal fitness is enviable and inspiring.

Bill BootsBill BootsLivestock Lifer

Bill has spent his entire career in the animal health industry, which makes him our resident expert on livestock. When he’s not talking cattle, he’s talking sports and is a self-proclaimed sports nuts. I’ve just recently heard a rumor about bull riding in his past too!  Stay tuned as that could be a blog-worthy topic on its own!

Kerry GlakelerKerry GlakelerHappy Horsewoman

When I think of Kerry, two things come to mind: happy and horses!  While horses are near and dear to her heart, she has extensive knowledge in all things hobby farm. She is always on the hunt for new products that will perform well for our customers and she never slows down!


mike gallagherMike GallagherCustomer Helpline Extraordinaire

The man that can answer any question regarding livestock and pets! No really, he fields questions that run the gamut from everyday product usage to how to bathe a feral pig (to learn how, check out Mike’s blog post)! His knowledge is limitless and only rivaled by his jovial attitude. Our customers are lucky to have Mike just a phone call away!

Callista BondCallista BondCreative guru

I’m always envious of creative people and Callista is no exception! From product labels, to trade show collateral, to Profit Builder and much more – she’s the one making the design magic happen! Her creativity doesn’t stop at the office as she also does chalk murals on the side.  Again, I’m green with envy! As my kids can attest, drawing a flower is the extent of my artistic ability!

Kassie KreisslerKassie KreisslerOrganization maven

One of Kassie’s main responsibilities are the dreaded trade shows. For anyone who has ever prepped for a trade show, you know they take a ridiculous amount of resources and hard, hard work. Kassie approaches this with zeal and has gotten the trade show process at Durvet running like a well-oiled machine.


Rosalie ChristopherRosalie Christopher – Honorary Marketing Team member

Rosalie is technically a part of the Purchasing department now, but I think all of the Marketing Team will agree that she will forever be an honorary Marketing member! I couldn’t have asked for a more patient and kind person to show me the Marketing Coordinator ropes. She’s worn many hats over the years and has left me with very large shoes to fill!

The backgrounds and personalities of the team are as different as the day is long, but two striking similarities stand out in everyone….dedication and passion.

The marketing team, and Durvet as whole, are unwavering in their dedication to our members, our mission and the industry. It’s both refreshing and inspiring to be surrounded by happy people who are passionate about what they do.

Life is short. Work somewhere awesome. I do and hope you can say the same!