2016 Has Been a Tough Year for Agriculture

Post written by the Durvet Team

2016 has been a tough year for agriculture.

Whether you’re involved with livestock production or farming, it’s been harsh. Prices this year have been depressed throughout the year for most segments.

cattle_1Cattle prices have been cut almost in half compared to what they were in 2013. Hog prices have fallen from record highs in 2014 to their lowest levels since 2009.

Corn and Soybeans have been hard hit as well. The average price per bushel of corn is only half the value vs. what they were valued in 2012. Soybeans have lost one-third of their value from 2011.

What does that mean for the average family farm?

soybeansWell, for most it means a belt-tightening in all areas of the operation, including-but-not-limited-to where and how the dollars are spent on vaccines, wormers, antibiotics, minerals & protein.

While this situation is not favorable in the ag industry or for the farmer, it does provide an opportunity for the ag retailer to become a better partner with the farmer.

Small-scale farming is serious business, accounting for 58 percent of U.S. farm operations and producing 40 percent of the value of U.S. agriculture production.

Being a partner and a supplier to this vast sector should be a top priority for dealers and farm stores.

pigsDealers and farm stores will want to provide some viable lower cost options due to the current market conditions.

These lower options may be viewed as a very valuable alternative to the average small family livestock producer and will strengthen the seller-buyer relationship in these tough economic times.

Ag retailers might also want to take a look at their product offering in these tough times to make sure they’re offering their customers some lower cost options for their animal health needs.

Durvet has an extensive range of animal products that will often meet the customer’s needs at a price point that is well below the typical branded product. While we don’t like to refer to our products in the generic sense, we certainly have a number of products that could correctly be classified as a generic of a brand name product.

pigsWhether in human medicine or animal health, generics have to meet the same standards of efficacy, safety, and bio equivalency as the branded product.

For years, generics have been widely accepted in both human and animal medicine, but in tough economic times, it makes even more sense for the livestock producer and the average farmer to carefully review alternative options.

Check out Durvet.com for additional product information on all species segments. We take pride here at Durvet in providing our customers with quality products at very competitive prices. We also understand that everyone has their own way of saving and cutting costs.

What routes and methods do you plan on implementing? Please share your ideas with us in the Comments section below.