13 Years and Counting: The Durvet March Madness Bus Is Rolling

mike gallagherPost written by Mike Gallagher, Sales Coordinator

Every year the Durvet gang and our friends begin a three-week trek across the country in the Durvet bus.

Our mission: To reach the city hosting the NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four, which this year is in Phoenix.

It’s a make-believe trip, in reality, but it’s a lot of fun in that many of our employees and friends get fun poked at them.

This bus has been driving from either coast to the host city for the past 13 years. We even had to get a new bus since we’ve been doing this for so long. Thankfully, we were able to have a couple of garage sales to raise enough money to purchase the new bus.

basketball hoopThere’s always a story that precedes the daily standings. This “story” is always about how the group handles “adversity” along the way.

In the past, such stories have included a bull chasing the Durvet gals across the pasture…and the bus breaking down and our “shade tree” mechanics doing their best to get us back on the road. A new story always comes out the day after each round of games has been played.

This year’s bus is getting polished up and the oil is being changed as we speak. We will begin our journey this year in Carribou, Maine. So far this year, Carribou has had 80 inches of snow. We may need chains on the tires of the bus as we get this trip underway!

March Madness…here we come!