Spring Clean Up to Freshen Up Your Sales!

Kerry GlakelerPost written by Kerry Glakeler, Brand Manager at Durvet, Inc.

While chick day sales are booming, other areas of the store might be a little slow. This is a great time to take advantage of a spring clean up to freshen up your sales! You’ll be amazed what a little rearranging and clean up can do to spur sales.

Do you have seasonal items that are past season? Could you use them to make gift baskets or a spring kit?

Grooming gift sets are a great last minute purchase. Grab a colorful bucket or a Durvet grooming tote and fill it with grooming tools and fun products like ShamPony shampoo and Shiny Hiny hair gloss, some Poppermint treats and top it off with a bow or some fun ribbon!

Out-of-season items like ice melt really should be boxed up and stored in the back room. Put something on that shelf that you can sell! You’re losing money by allowing out-of-season items to take up valuable space. Do you see winter items taking up 4 ft of real estate at Target in March?

Do you have a chick start up package put together for those new chick owners to walk out with? A $2 chick easily means $30-50 in add-on so make it EASY for them!

How about a little decorating to set the mood in the store? Grab some fresh plants to “freshen” up the store. You will not only provide a spring shopping feeling, but the store will look and smell great too!

According to Cahan and Company, pleasant scents encourage shoppers to linger over a product, increase the number of times they examine it and, in some cases, increase their willingness to pay higher prices.

An easy way to implement a wonderful smelling and inviting shopping environment year round is to install a Country-Vet automatic air freshener and use seasonal aromas. You’ll be amazed how this will also increase your Country-Vet sales!

Apple Flavored Horse Dewormer Display by Dexter Mills in Dexter, Michigan

The change of seasons is a great time for impulse sales. Isn’t everyone looking for a little color and freshness after a long winter? Help your customers out by making impulse displays and you will find it a win-win situation for all.

Find the most prominent spaces in your store to set up impulse displays. “Use displays as magnets to draw customers to different parts of the store, to cross-merchandise and to display important and high profit product,” says Georgianne Bender of retail consulting duo, Kizer & Bender. Once you’ve gotten your displays set up, speak to your sales staff about talking up add-on items.

According to the Dillion Study, conducted by Progressive Grocer, unit sales of an average item featured on display and at a reduced price jumped 808% and dollar sales increased about 442%.

However, when the same featured items were on display but with no price reduction, they experience 50% less in unit sales.

Wouldn’t an 808% increase in unit sales be a nice SPRING bonus?

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