Product Spotlight: JustiFLY Oral Larvacide

JustiFLY Oral Larvacide

  • 360 gram packs
  • Ideal for cattle producers
  • EPA-approved for use in all pasture and confinement cattle and calves for the control of horn flies, face flies, house flies and stable flies.
  • Economical – No Reason to change, or pay more, for your preferred mineral just to add fly control
  • Simple – Just add one pre-measured Add Pak to 50-lbs. of mineral
  • Broad Spectrum – Controls all four major fly pests: horn, face, house and stable flies
  • Convenient – Only one pre-measured pack per 50-lbs. mineral
  • A highly effective insecticide containing the proven insect growth regulator (IGR) active ingredient diflubenzuron.
  • Use all throughout the fly season; would suggest to start feeding before flies become a major problem.
  • Commonly used on all types of cattle

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