Dog Owners: Don’t Forget the Lepto!


Post written by Mark Niblo, Marketing Director at Durvet | Long Distance Runner | Iowa by Birth-Kansas City by Choice

One of the most overlooked and preventable diseases in dogs is infection with Leptospirosis.

Lepto is widespread in the environment and all dogs are at risk for this disease.  Even indoor dogs who have little outside exposure will end up going outside eventually.

Leptospirosis is a waterborne disease. Dogs are susceptible to infection by drinking contaminated water puddles on a walking trail, in your backyard, in city parks, or places such as water hazards at the golf course.

Water can carry Leptospirosis when infected carriers such as raccoons, opossums, squirrels, livestock and rodents urinate in open or standing water.

This disease can be fatal and is zoonotic, which means it can be transmitted from animals to people. In dogs, signs include fever, vomiting and diarrhea. Liver disease and acute kidney failure are possible.

Three ways to minimize the risk are:

  1. Group of kids racing a dogBe aware lepto is a waterborne disease and dogs drinking non-potable water are at risk.
  2. Vaccinate dogs annually with a lepto vaccine that includes protection against Lepto grippotyphosa, Lepto Pomona, Lepto canicola, and Lepto icterohaemorrhagia.
  3. Follow a vaccination schedule based on the age of your dog.

Top 10 Reasons to Vaccinate Your Leptospirosis

  1. Lepto is easy to control.
  2. Lepto can be fatal.
  3. Lepto can cause renal failure.
  4. Dogs are at risk is they are exposed to the outdoors.
  5. Lepto is nationwide.
  6. Lepto can be a risk in any season.
  7. Dogs of any age can get lepto.
  8. Dogs of any breed can get lepto.
  9. Veterinarians recommend vaccinating dogs against the 4 most common types of lepto listed above.
  10. Vaccines which include Lepto protection are safe and widely available.

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