Top 10 Reasons to Get a Puppy

Post written by Emily Garcia, Marketing Coordinator

puppyface10. Free acupuncture
Puppy teeth double as acupuncture needles. And they’re more than happy to use them on you!

9. New carpet
Were you on the fence about whether or not your carpet needed replacing? You won’t be after potty training a puppy!  At a minimum, you’ll be in need of a visit from your local Stanley Steemer rep!

8. Exercise benefits
Forget walking the puppy. You’ll burn far more calories sprinting to grab them when they squat on the aforementioned carpet or chasing them down before they sink those puppy tooth daggers into your favorite pair of shoes.

7. Parenting Preparation
Puppies, like babies, don’t sleep through the night. Their soulful whining can wake even the deepest sleeper.  This is a great tool to get prospective parents into the swing of sleepless nights!

6. Playdates
5pm and 5am are the same to a puppy. Be ready for playtime, anytime!

5. Support Small Business
Have you been looking for an opportunity to support a local small business? If so, get a puppy and you will quickly become a regular customer of your local vet clinic!  Puppy shots, spaying/neutering, deworming, food…the dollar signs just keep adding up!  Your local clinic will certainly thank you; your checking account, not so much.

4. Yard care
If you’re looking for a local source of fertilizer, look no further than a puppy. They output more fertilizer than one would ever imagine!  Plan their potty areas strategically and you could fertilize your entire yard in no time!  Depending on the puppy, you may also end up with a gardening assistant or yard aerator.  Their paws may be small, but they can dig a hole (or multiple holes) in the blink of an eye!

3. Teach kids responsibility
Nothing drives home cleaning your room like a puppy eating a favorite toy! Kids learn quickly that putting their toys away will spare a hapless Barbie from becoming the pup’s latest victim.

2. Toss out the vacuum
The carpet may have seen better days post-puppy, but the kitchen floor will be spotless! Cleaning up crumbs and spills will be a thing of the past once a 4-legged vacuum enters the house!

1. And the #1 reason to get a puppy
Furry 4-legged friends truly make a house a home. Unlike children, puppies are always happy to see you!  Their unconditional love and exuberance can brighten the darkest of moods.  They sleep as hard as they play and make a great foot warmer or pillow.  They test your patience, but reward you with loyalty.  In short, they have been dubbed “Man’s Best Friend” for excellent reasons!