What I Learned from My Summer Internship with Durvet

DurvetTo begin this blog, I will first introduce myself so you can get a small background of why I’m writing this.

My name is Brittany Couch and I’m currently a Senior at the University of Central Missouri. I’m an Agriculture Business major with an emphasis in animal science.

A requirement for me to graduate is that I have to complete an internship with 360 hours! That sounds like a lot of hours, but my internship with Durvet has made it very well worth my while.

I was the summer marketing intern for the three months. I definitely miss being a part of the Durvet team, but I will always remember the memories and take with me everything I learned, including:

  • Communication
  • Team Effort
  • Family & Fun


Communication is key for any type of job, association, or family. As it relates to my time at Durvet, I’m referring to just about anything that we did, when we were getting ready for tradeshows, had meetings, or shipped anything anywhere.

We had to communicate as a team so we knew when and where certain events were happening. Or if we needed changes to schedules, events, or even if things moved around in the warehouse. We had to talk to each other so we didn’t make mistakes.

Team Effort

Whether you’re part of the sales teams, marketing team or work in the warehouse, there are times when you can’t do things alone. There are times where you need someone to help you out with a project because you might have so many things on your plate.

I’m really glad I was able to help out others in the office when they needed it. It just showed me more of what they do at Durvet. It’s better to work as a team so all of us can achieve our goals.


Family and Fun

Last but not least, what I loved about working at Durvet is that it’s a family and they take time to relax after working so hard. We celebrated birthdays, employee anniversaries, and holidays.

Also, if anyone was going through anything serious, we kept the whole building updated so we knew that our Durvet family was safe.

These are just a few of the key things I learned from my summer internship at Durvet. I will never forget my time at Durvet and was honored to create memories and new opportunities for my future.

By Brittany Couch, Durvet Summer Intern