They’re A Natural: EQyss Provides Botanical Grooming Solutions for Over 25 Years

It’s that time of year. Summer. Heat, dust, and flying insects are a big part of most of our days as equestrians, and we’re constantly reaching for fly spray to ward them off or for the shampoo bucket, not only to get that show ring shine, but also to cool our horses.

But do you really know what’s in your products? Are they full of ingredients you can’t even pronounce? Do they come with warning labels about inhaling fumes or the potentially harmful environmental effects?

In 1991, a father/son duo founded EQyss with the mission to provide superior and safe products that work well and that you wouldn’t hesitate to use on yourself.  Extensive research goes into the development of each product to ensure the efficacy and safety of the formulation. This includes using natural and botanical ingredients whenever possible.

showhorse todayEQyss manufactures all of their products in their own facility in Vista, California. They’re very proud to say that all EQyss products are made in the USA from materials and components 100% sourced from USA manufacturers, in a production facility that meets or exceeds FDA Good Manufacturing Practice standards.

While EQyss has a solid arsenal of successful product mainstays, they’re constantly innovating and releasing new favorites, like one of their newest product launches, their Barn Barrier Natural Fly Repellant.

Using a blend of four natural botanical oils, Barn Barrier is formulated and proven to repel a multitude of flying pests including Horn Flies, Face Flies, Stable Flies, and House Flies. Since it offers a balanced pH, it’s less likely to irritate your horse’s skin like other fly sprays can, and won’t damage their coat, mane, or tail.  Since it’s made with botanical ingredients, it’s not only safe on horses of all ages, but also environmentally friendly.

Also new to the EQyss lineup are two new products designed to discourage cribbing. Available in a unique new gel and a good old spray, the new Crib-Guard features an easy-to-apply formula designed to stop your horse from cribbing, chewing and gnawing.  Safe to apply on all surfaces, including leather, blankets, wraps, and bandages, Crib-Guard not only helps prevent cribbing-related health issues, but also prevents property damage that results from cribbing. Unlike other anti-cribbing products that sometimes use harsh chemicals and can be environmentally hazardous and corrosive to metal, Crib-Guard is safe for the environment and won’t harm wildlife.

These products join an already successful family of EQyss products that keep your horse’s coat, mane, and tail in the best of shape.

EQyss’ popular Micro-Tek line of products soothes irritated skin and provides a suitable environment for the skin to heal. Available in both a shampoo and spray format, the botanical formulas smell great and are pH-balanced solutions (like all of their products) that won’t burn sensitive skin or open wounds.  Whether you’re using the Micro-Tek shampoo or spray, both help stop your horse from biting or scratching irritated skin.  For the highest effectiveness, the duo can be used together.  The spray formula is also non-slip and safe to use on the area under the saddle.

Sometimes your horse doesn’t have an actual skin ailment and is just experiencing some dry skin, or perhaps, you live in an arid climate and want to prevent problems associated with a dry coat. EQyss has several great sprays to combat dryness and keep your horse’s coat looking and feeling its best.

With EQyss, avocados aren’t just for guacamole. Their extremely popular Avocado Mist features the nourishing benefits of avocados and aloe vera to condition the coat and detangle stubborn manes and tails. With its anti-static, non-slip, and dust repelling properties, it’s also a favorite for the show ring.  Like the other coat sprays and shampoos, it has a pleasant, fresh scent that their products are known for.

Their Premier Rehydrant Spray is like an invigorating trip to the tropics.  Its special formulation specifically attracts and binds moisture from the air to your horse’s skin and coat. When used daily, either after a bath or just routine grooming, the unique blend of ingredients adds moisture to your horse’s mane, tail, and coat without leaving a slippery, silicone-like residue.  For even more moisturizing results, it can be used in conjunction with the Premier Shampoo and Premier Conditioner. Not only will your horse’s coat feel refreshed, but it will come with the added bonus of smelling like a tropical smoothie.

With so many questionable and even harmful ingredients used in products for both horses and humans, it’s important to know what’s being sprayed on your horse and poured in the wash bucket. EQyss shares those same concerns which is why they’ve made it their mission for over two decades to create products that not only work well, but are superior quality and safe for horses and humans alike.

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