Trade Shows In Motion

Tradeshow Highlights 2017 (2)As Fall trade show season is in full swing, we wanted to take a look back to reflect on some of our main takeaways and reasons why these long days are worth it.

Whether you’ve been an attendee at a trade show, been a host of a trade show or participated as a vendor, we hope you agree that trade shows are beneficial and worth the time and effort we all put into them.

tradeshowWhile the season is busy, often stressful and goes by fast, it’s one of the most important ways to get involved, give back and show support to our distributor members.

At Durvet, delivering superior service is one of our core values and being able to serve our distributors and their customers higher than industry standards is something we pride ourselves on. As a commitment to this service, we take trade shows very seriously and try to attend as many in a season as possible!

Here are three reasons, in descending order, we feel trade shows are so important:

tradeshow#3 – Product Education 

Durvet’s mission for many of our customers is to be their main resource on our products and individual markets.

Trade shows give us the opportunity to educate our members and potential customers on a more personal level than one may receive through a phone call or online communications.

Many times, because we operate as a lean company so that we can offer our customers better prices, we may not always visit your stores. Fortunately, Durvet offers many support tools to our distributor sales reps and dealers. For those who can’t attend shows these resources may be found on our website under literature or dealer resources.

tradeshow#2 – Brand Education 

Branding is a huge aspect of any business’s success, especially in industries that depend on trust and reputation.

Exhibiting at industry trade shows and our distributor member trade shows is a perfect way for Durvet to strengthen relationships with current customers and develop new customers without having to have our own events.

tradeshow# 1 – Building Relationships 

33 hours.

That’s the average amount of hours spent at a three-day trade show for a Durvet employee.

When you look at that number it may seem daunting. But when we look at that number we think of three full days where we’re able to meet new clientele and spend time with our current members…allowing us to build real connections and strengthen business relationships.

The memories and connections made at each show leave a lasting impression. And that’s just one of the things we strive for every day at Durvet.