A Dog’s Best Friend: EQyss’ New Elite Conditioning Shampoo

Post written by Kimmie Wells
EQyss Grooming Products – Sales, Events and Relations

Sydney beachTake a look at this happy girl… while she’s having the time of her life running in and out of the water, she’s also becoming a wet, sandy, filthy mess, with me thinking “You’re not coming in the house like that!”

Little does she know a nice, soapy bath is in store for her later. Oh, what a great chore for mom!

Let’s face it, bathing a dog (especially a hairy one) isn’t always a pleasant task, so I always try to make bath time QUICK!

Bathing this coat wasn’t always a fast task. First was the shampoo, then wash it out, and then came the conditioner (yes, this furry mess needs conditioner), and finally came the water once again to wash it all out.

Could there be a quicker way?

PET Elite Conditioning Shampoo 11045-1What about an awesome conditioning shampoo that can do both steps in ONE simple step?

That’s where EQyss’ new Elite Conditioning Shampoo comes in. This is now my go-to shampoo for my dogs. With one simple regime, my pup’s coat is soft, shiny and tangle-free!

There are several features and benefits of grooming products that are important to both pet parents and groomers: Effectiveness, ease of use and amazing results.

Also at the top of the list is whether they’re safe, gentle and environmentally-friendly.

This is something EQyss has always accomplished from the very beginning and has continued to evolve with this new Sulfate and Paraben Free shampoo.

EQyss’ Elite Conditioning Shampoo is easy to use and requires just one simple application. It’s effective with amazing results and it gently breaks down every day build-up leaving my pet’s coat soft, shiny, clean and smelling AMAZING. Oh and it’s safe & gentle too!

I know this because MY hands aren’t dry after each bath. In fact, they’re almost softer than when I started, so I know there are no harsh ingredients that could be stripping oils or coating their skin and coat.

Pretty SydneyIt’s environmentally-friendly too, coming from a manufacturer who uses clean technology, FDA manufacturing standards and high quality ingredients. I know it’s safe from start to finish.

To me, my fur children deserve the best in every way possible. While bath time isn’t their favorite thing in the world, it’s one less thing I need to worry about because I know they’re getting a safe and effective bath that will keep them clean for weeks…

At least until we head to the sandy beach again!