Product Spotlight: Healthy Flock Single Dose Packs


  • Products: Single Dose Packs – DuraStat, Layer Boost, Probiotics Daily, Vitamins & Electrolytes
  • Product Size: Single Serve Packet
  • Ideal for Chicken Owners and Chick Owners
  • Benefits by Product:
    • DuraStat with Oregano – A source of oregano, cinnamon and essential oils. All-natural alternative to stimulate water intake & enhance immunity.
    • Layer Boost – Contains a source of Marigold & Vitamin D3 and will help to improves the quality & quantity of eggs.
    • Probiotics Daily – Contains a source of live (viable), naturally occurring microorganisms. Supports avian digestive health and nutrient absorption.
    • Vitamins & Electrolytes – Aids in hydration & nutrition for a fast start and is a nutritional source of essential vitamins & electrolytes.
  • Each product has a best used time, but all may be used simultaneously with other Durvet poultry soluble products.
    • DuraStat with Oregano – When antibiotics are not desired.
    • Layer Boost – Ideal for laying hens.
    • Probiotics Daily – Can be used in ALL poultry.
    • Vitamins & Electrolytes – Ideal for young chicks.

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