“Should we hatch chicks again this year?”

By Rick Mesz, Operations Manager

It’s that time of year again.  My wife says, “Should we hatch chicks again this year?”  This is an opportunity she discovered over 10 years ago when our oldest was still in preschool.  Now she’s in high school and driving.

But I have 4 daughters and the youngest has taken over the helm of the chick hatching project.  I respond, “I don’t care, but I don’t want anything to do with being responsible for any aspect of the chicks.”

So my wife, Debbie, confirms the girls are up for hatching again and fills out the paperwork to send it off to the University of Missouri extension office to be a participant. Continue reading ““Should we hatch chicks again this year?””

13 Years and Counting: The Durvet March Madness Bus Is Rolling

mike gallagherPost written by Mike Gallagher, Sales Coordinator

Every year the Durvet gang and our friends begin a three-week trek across the country in the Durvet bus.

Our mission: To reach the city hosting the NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four, which this year is in Phoenix.

It’s a make-believe trip, in reality, but it’s a lot of fun in that many of our employees and friends get fun poked at them. Continue reading “13 Years and Counting: The Durvet March Madness Bus Is Rolling”

Girl Scout Cookies a Big Hit at Durvet!

Girl Scout cookie season is in full swing and Durvet employees were more than happy to support the Girl Scouts’ efforts!

First-year Daisy Girl Scout Allie (daughter of Emily Garcia) visited the office in January and quickly filled up her order sheet!

Durvet employees LOVE cookies and bought two wagonloads! Cookie delivery was hard work, but Allie got it done with assistance from her little sister, Audrey. Delivery day prompted a flurry of additional orders as well, so her work isn’t quite done yet!

Durvet’s purchases alone earned the Daisy troop nearly $75! Her troop is thrilled and greatly appreciates Durvet employees’ support!

Durvet Gives Back

toys-for-tots-2Every year, Durvet chooses a charity to support around the Christmas holiday. This year’s recipient was Toys for Tots.

Serving over 782 communities in all 50 states, Toys for Tots was able to distribute 18 million toys to 7 million less fortunate children in 2015.

Their work is remarkable, which made them an easy cause to support!

Our office elves quickly got to work on a collection box and the donations rolled in from there! Continue reading “Durvet Gives Back”

I Had the Time of My Life!…By Mark Niblo

Mark NibloPost written by Mark Niblo, Marketing Director at Durvet | Long Distance Runner | Iowa by Birth-Kansas City by Choice

How often do you hear people say they want to get away from work but just can’t do it because they’re too busy or some other excuse they come up with to justify not taking time off?

I WAS that person. I would only get out of the office for a day or two at a time to attend industry meetings or shows and would still return to a stress-filled environment of tasks that had piled up while I was gone.

Conventions and work travel sound fun, but can be stressful with negotiations, entertaining people when you’re tired, spending time with competitors, or sometimes going with people you would never go on vacation with or spend your weekend around. Continue reading “I Had the Time of My Life!…By Mark Niblo”

Things I Learned Around the Campfire…By Stacye Wyatt

Post written by Stacye Wyatt, Regional Sales Manager

Have you ever just sat around a campfire and listened to the crackle of the flame? Have you ever longed to just kick back and listen to the sounds around you?

campfire-2As a Girl Scout my fondest memories were sitting around the campfire, singing songs, roasting marshmallows, watching girls do silly skits, and passing on our traditions.

When you think about a campfire, what comes to mind? S’mores, songs, safety, relaxation, building a fire…or do you worry about tomorrow? Continue reading “Things I Learned Around the Campfire…By Stacye Wyatt”