A Story About Green Thumbs and the Durvet Difference

At Durvet, we pride ourselves on being different. Our core values are centered on providing superior customer service and focusing on people.

We strive to make personal connections at all levels of our business from vendors to distributor members and consumers. These connections further our efforts to provide superior customer service.

About 10 years ago, a customer requested we carry an equine grooming tool called Horse Shave. We had a brand name and a location, but little else to go on. We scoured the internet, called local contacts and continued to come up empty.

Rather than telling the customer we couldn’t source it, we kicked it up a notch and thought outside the box.

Knowing the manufacturer was located in a small town, we reached out to one of the places that would likely know everyone in that town: the local funeral home!

Our sleuthing paid off and we located Rich and Ginny Groff, the husband and wife duo behind Mid-Mo Horse Shave. Continue reading “A Story About Green Thumbs and the Durvet Difference”