Santa Paws is Coming to Town

With all the hustle and bustle during the holiday season,Boone-Holiday  it’s easy to forget to include your pet in the fun and traditions. From presents to treats, there are many ways to help your furry family members feel included during this busy time of year.

Here are 5 ways to include your pet this holiday season:

  1. Photos with Santa.  It’s becoming more and more popular that many large-scale pet stores, such as PetSmart and Petco, have certain days or events during this time of year that Santa will be in-store to take pictures with your pet. What better way to include your pet during the holidays and also have a Christmas keepsake! Continue reading “Santa Paws is Coming to Town”

Don’t Shop. Adopt! Understand the Importance of Pet Adoption

Did you know that approximately 7.6 million companion animals enter animal shelters nationwide every year?

Of those, approximately 3.9 million are dogs and 3.4 million are cats. Only 10% of those animals received by shelters have been spayed or neutered.  As a result, it causes overpopulation and an excess of animals killed annually.

There’s a misconception that shelter animals are “damaged goods.” I can assure you that’s truly not the case. Most arrive at the shelters due to a death, divorce, moving, lifestyle change, birth of a child, or even because the family didn’t train them.

There are several benefits to pet adoption. Obviously you’re saving an animal’s life and also other lives by creating space for another pet who needs shelter. In addition, you’re getting a pet that will already be spayed or neutered so they won’t be contributing to the overpopulation epidemic. Continue reading “Don’t Shop. Adopt! Understand the Importance of Pet Adoption”

Product Spotlight: Styptic Powder


  • Product Size: 14 grams
  • Ideal for dog, cat and bird owners
  • Benefits:
    • Stops bleeding fast!
    • Easy to use for minor cuts or nail clippings.
    • Apply a pinch of Styptic Powder to the bleeding area, usingmoderate pressure until bleeding stops.
  • Can be used anytime of the year, when animals are in need.
  • Approved for used on dogs, cats, and birds.

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A Dog’s Best Friend: EQyss’ New Elite Conditioning Shampoo

Post written by Kimmie Wells
EQyss Grooming Products – Sales, Events and Relations

Sydney beachTake a look at this happy girl… while she’s having the time of her life running in and out of the water, she’s also becoming a wet, sandy, filthy mess, with me thinking “You’re not coming in the house like that!”

Little does she know a nice, soapy bath is in store for her later. Oh, what a great chore for mom!

Let’s face it, bathing a dog (especially a hairy one) isn’t always a pleasant task, so I always try to make bath time QUICK!

Bathing this coat wasn’t always a fast task. First was the shampoo, then wash it out, and then came the conditioner (yes, this furry mess needs conditioner), and finally came the water once again to wash it all out.

Could there be a quicker way? Continue reading “A Dog’s Best Friend: EQyss’ New Elite Conditioning Shampoo”

Top 10 Reasons to Get a Puppy

Post written by Emily Garcia, Marketing Coordinator

puppyface10. Free acupuncture
Puppy teeth double as acupuncture needles. And they’re more than happy to use them on you!

9. New carpet
Were you on the fence about whether or not your carpet needed replacing? You won’t be after potty training a puppy!  At a minimum, you’ll be in need of a visit from your local Stanley Steemer rep!

8. Exercise benefits
Forget walking the puppy. You’ll burn far more calories sprinting to grab them when they squat on the aforementioned carpet or chasing them down before they sink those puppy tooth daggers into your favorite pair of shoes. Continue reading “Top 10 Reasons to Get a Puppy”

Dog Owners: Don’t Forget the Lepto!


Post written by Mark Niblo, Marketing Director at Durvet | Long Distance Runner | Iowa by Birth-Kansas City by Choice

One of the most overlooked and preventable diseases in dogs is infection with Leptospirosis.

Lepto is widespread in the environment and all dogs are at risk for this disease.  Even indoor dogs who have little outside exposure will end up going outside eventually.

Leptospirosis is a waterborne disease. Dogs are susceptible to infection by drinking contaminated water puddles on a walking trail, in your backyard, in city parks, or places such as water hazards at the golf course.

Water can carry Leptospirosis when infected carriers such as raccoons, opossums, squirrels, livestock and rodents urinate in open or standing water.

This disease can be fatal and is zoonotic, which means it can be transmitted from animals to people. In dogs, signs include fever, vomiting and diarrhea. Liver disease and acute kidney failure are possible.

Three ways to minimize the risk are: Continue reading “Dog Owners: Don’t Forget the Lepto!”

3 Part Flea Control

mike gallagherPost written by Mike Gallagher, Sales Coordinator

Our pets provide us with so much enjoyment. No matter how good or bad your day has gone, when you come home your dogs and cats are very happy to see you. Their moods never change…always very positive.

The same thing can’t always be said for their owners.

Owning a pet has responsibilities that accompany the ownership. Taking care of their basic needs goes along with the ownership.

Flea control is a big part of pet health that the owner needs to address. Fleas need to be prevented or serious health issues come into play with the pet. We could be talking flea bite dermatitis on the skin of the pet. Continue reading “3 Part Flea Control”