Product Spotlight: Layer Boost with Omega-3


Layer Boost with Omega-3

  • 100 gram Jar
  • Ideal for Backyard Chicken Keepers
  • A blend of vitamins, electrolytes, enzyme, omega 3, and Marigold for daily use with layer chickens. Contains a source of live (viable) direct fed microorganisms.
  • Aids in egg production
  • Boosts immune health through healthy gut microflora
  • Contains Phytase which breaks down nutrients that are otherwise unavailable to chickens.
  • Use year round as needed
  • Most commonly used on poultry

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Product Spotlight: Durvet Dairy Bomb 55Z


Durvet Dairy Bomb 55Z

  • 25 oz Aerosol
  • Ideal for Livestock Producers of all types
  • For use on Beef Cattle, Dairy Cattle, Horses, Hogs, Chickens and other Livestock. Can be used in various locations where animals live and are housed, plus in your home.
  • Dairy Bomb 55Z kills and repels Stable Flies, Horse Flies, Face Flies, Deer Flies, House Flies, Mosquitoes and Gnats. Safe for use on livestock and in homes & restaurants.
  • Use anytime flies are a problem
  • Most commonly used on all livestock

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Dairy Bomb 55
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Fly Rid Plus Spray


Product Spotlight: JustiFLY Oral Larvacide

JustiFLY Oral Larvacide

  • 360 gram packs
  • Ideal for cattle producers
  • EPA-approved for use in all pasture and confinement cattle and calves for the control of horn flies, face flies, house flies and stable flies.
  • Economical – No Reason to change, or pay more, for your preferred mineral just to add fly control
  • Simple – Just add one pre-measured Add Pak to 50-lbs. of mineral
  • Broad Spectrum – Controls all four major fly pests: horn, face, house and stable flies
  • Convenient – Only one pre-measured pack per 50-lbs. mineral
  • A highly effective insecticide containing the proven insect growth regulator (IGR) active ingredient diflubenzuron.
  • Use all throughout the fly season; would suggest to start feeding before flies become a major problem.
  • Commonly used on all types of cattle

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Permethrin 10%

Product Spotlight: POWER Fly Spray and Wipe


POWER Fly Spray & Wipe

  • 32 oz and Gallon; ready to use
  • Ideal for Equine and Pet owners
  • An aqueous base formulation that repels and kills horse flies, horn flies, mosquitoes, fleas and ticks. Offers long-lasting, budget friendly protection.
  • Made with Pyranha® technology
  • Approved for use on Horses & Dogs
  • Contains pyrethrins (0.075%), piperonyl butoxide (0.750%) and permethrin  (0.150%) plus citronella scent
  • Best to use during peak fly season which coincides with the warm weather of summer and early fall but also great for year around flea & tick control!
  • Most commonly used on Equine

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Product Spotlight: Vitamins and Electrolytes

Vitamins & Electrolytes

  • 100 gm
  • Ideal for Hobby Farmers, Chicken Owner with 4 – 6 chickens
  • Nutritional source of essential vitamins & electrolytes, that aids in hydration & nutrition for a fast start.
  • Ideal for young chicks
  • It’s easy! One scoop per gallon of drinking water
  • May be used together with other Durvet poultry soluble products
  • Bet to use during the summer heat to encourage drinking and for chickens to stay hydrated.
  • Vitamins & Electrolytes Detail Sheet

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Product Spotlight: Probiotics Daily

Probiotics-Daily_560x262Probiotics Daily

  • 100 gm
  • Ideal for Hobby Farmers, Chicken Owners with 4 – 6 chickens
  • Supports avian digestive health and nutrients absorption.
  • Can be used for ALL poultry
  • It’s easy! One scoop per gallon of drinking water.
  • May be used together with other Durvet poultry soluble products
  • Use daily
  • Probiotics Daily Detail Sheet

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Layer Boost

Product Spotlight: SpectraSure®Spray


  • 6.5 oz & 12.3 oz cans
  • Ideal for Dog & Cat Owners
  • Continuous spray “Bag on valve” can technology – aerosol performance without propellants
  • Easy, No-Hassle Application, Plus Dries Fast, No Messy Residue
  • Can be used on puppies and kittens eight weeks of age or older
  • Waterproof. Effective after bathing and exposure to water and sunlight
  • Best used during Flea & Tick Season or anytime when there is a case of fleas
  • For use on Dogs & Cats

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