Product Spotlight: Styptic Powder


  • Product Size: 14 grams
  • Ideal for dog, cat and bird owners
  • Benefits:
    • Stops bleeding fast!
    • Easy to use for minor cuts or nail clippings.
    • Apply a pinch of Styptic Powder to the bleeding area, usingmoderate pressure until bleeding stops.
  • Can be used anytime of the year, when animals are in need.
  • Approved for used on dogs, cats, and birds.

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Product Spotlight: DuraFend



  • Size: 5#
  • Ideal for the small backyard hobby farmer
  • DuraFend Multi-Species Medicated Dewormer is indicated for the control and removal of worms in a broad range of animals. Pellets may be top dressed or mixed with feed.
  • Multi-species – can be used on a variety of animals (see label for species)
  • Easy to feed pellet form
  • Scoop included in 5lb, 10lb and 25lb sizes
  • Removes and controls a variety of worms including: Lungworms, Stomach worms and intestinal worms.
  • Use any time of year when animals are grazing on grass.
  • Most commonly used on Equine, Bovine and Swine

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Product Spotlight: Epsom Salt Flow Gel

Epsom Salt Flow Gel PS

Epsom Salt Flow Gel

  • Size: 20 oz Flow Gel
  • Ideal for Equine
  • Epsom Salt Poultice reduces inflammation, soothes pain caused from bruises or sprains. Flow Gel allows application without a mess!
  • Provides the benefits of Epsom salt in a gel
  • Effectively draws out hoof abscesses and infections
  • Soothes sole bruising & reduce swelling
  • For use anytime when there is painful or swollen muscles, legs or joints. Also for hooves to draw out abscesses or address sole bruising.
  • For use on Horses

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Product Spotlight: Durazyme


Durazyme Powder for Calves

  • Size:100 gm jar
  • Ideal for beef and dairy cattle owners
  • Used for newborn beef and dairy calves and cattle to supplement the cow’s colostrum or drug therapy. They will become more active and vigorous outcome of increased nursing action and higher colostrum intake. Therefore increasing their energy levels.
  • A natural biological product so it is non-medicated. No slaughter withdrawal. Helps establish gut microflora.
  • Use year round as needed
  • Most commonly used on beef and dairy calves and cattle

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Product Spotlight: GoatCare 2X


GoatCare 2X

  • Size: 3lb
  • Ideal for goat owners
  • For the removal and control of mature gastrointestinal nematode infections of goats including Haemonchus contortus, Ostertagia (Teladorsagia) circumcinta, and Trichostrongylus axei.
  • Does not adversely impact reproductive performance. FDA Approved for use in all classes of goats. Convenient, single dose treatment at any time during production cycle, helping you to strategically deworm the entire herd.
  • Use year round as needed
  • Most commonly used on goats

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Product Spotlight: AspirFlex



          • Size: 30cc
          • Ideal for dog owners
          • This gel is used on dogs for temporary relief of arthritis pain, or inflammation. Aspriflex has anti-inflammatory, antipyretic (fever reducing) and analgesic (pain reducing) attribute.
          • Has all natural liver flavor that dogs love! Even with the most severe arthritic dogs showed improvement within 3 days. Economical alternative to prescription and OTC products.
          • Use year round when needed on dogs

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Product Spotlight: DuraLyte



  • Size: 5 lb
  • Ideal for horse owners
  • This is a supplement designed for the support of normal recovery time after strenuous activity and help maintain a normal electrolyte balance year round.
  • Comes in three different flavors for increased palatability: Apple flavored DuraLyte A, cherry flavored DuraLyte C, and tropical fruit flavored DuraLyte T. May be added directly to drinking water or mixed with feed.
  • Use year round when needed
  • Most commonly used on horses

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