Product Spotlight: JustiFLY Oral Larvacide

JustiFLY Oral Larvacide

  • 360 gram packs
  • Ideal for cattle producers
  • EPA-approved for use in all pasture and confinement cattle and calves for the control of horn flies, face flies, house flies and stable flies.
  • Economical – No Reason to change, or pay more, for your preferred mineral just to add fly control
  • Simple – Just add one pre-measured Add Pak to 50-lbs. of mineral
  • Broad Spectrum – Controls all four major fly pests: horn, face, house and stable flies
  • Convenient – Only one pre-measured pack per 50-lbs. mineral
  • A highly effective insecticide containing the proven insect growth regulator (IGR) active ingredient diflubenzuron.
  • Use all throughout the fly season; would suggest to start feeding before flies become a major problem.
  • Commonly used on all types of cattle

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Lessons I’ve Learned From Owning and Showing Goats

HeartyPost written by Brittany Couch, Intern

I never really thought I would own and show goats like I do now.

A lot of individuals that have goats and show them start when they’re young or even in their early teen years.

Me? I didn’t begin until my Junior year of highschool and I’ve loved it ever since. My best friend, Mysti-Ane’, was the one who got me into it.

Most people who get into showing animals do it because their parents did it or they already live on a farm with livestock. That wasn’t the case for me. My parents, when I told them I wanted to show goats, were a bit shocked, but now they love it too.

Fast forward to today….I’ve now owned South African Boer goats for six years. Continue reading “Lessons I’ve Learned From Owning and Showing Goats”

Product Spotlight: POWER Fly Spray and Wipe


POWER Fly Spray & Wipe

  • 32 oz and Gallon; ready to use
  • Ideal for Equine and Pet owners
  • An aqueous base formulation that repels and kills horse flies, horn flies, mosquitoes, fleas and ticks. Offers long-lasting, budget friendly protection.
  • Made with Pyranha® technology
  • Approved for use on Horses & Dogs
  • Contains pyrethrins (0.075%), piperonyl butoxide (0.750%) and permethrin  (0.150%) plus citronella scent
  • Best to use during peak fly season which coincides with the warm weather of summer and early fall but also great for year around flea & tick control!
  • Most commonly used on Equine

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3 Part Flea Control

mike gallagherPost written by Mike Gallagher, Sales Coordinator

Our pets provide us with so much enjoyment. No matter how good or bad your day has gone, when you come home your dogs and cats are very happy to see you. Their moods never change…always very positive.

The same thing can’t always be said for their owners.

Owning a pet has responsibilities that accompany the ownership. Taking care of their basic needs goes along with the ownership.

Flea control is a big part of pet health that the owner needs to address. Fleas need to be prevented or serious health issues come into play with the pet. We could be talking flea bite dermatitis on the skin of the pet. Continue reading “3 Part Flea Control”

Fly Control 101: Fly Sprays and Repellants

Kassie KreisslerPost written by Kassie Kreissler, Marketing Specialist | Event Coordinator | Social Media Expert | Live Music Supporter | Rancher | Horse Trainer

There are many fly sprays and repellants, but have you ever wondered what ingredients you should be looking for in order to be most effective?

Durvet offers many fly control products, ranging from fly sprays to shampoos, containing a variation of Permethrin, Pyrethrin, and/or Citronella. Understanding what these actives are, and what are they’re doing for you, will help you control flies and other annoying insects for your animals and around your barn.

While Pyrethrin and Permethrin are in the same class (Pyrethroids), there are differences between the two. Let’s take a look at what each active ingredient means. Continue reading “Fly Control 101: Fly Sprays and Repellants”

Product Spotlight: Vitamins and Electrolytes

Vitamins & Electrolytes

  • 100 gm
  • Ideal for Hobby Farmers, Chicken Owner with 4 – 6 chickens
  • Nutritional source of essential vitamins & electrolytes, that aids in hydration & nutrition for a fast start.
  • Ideal for young chicks
  • It’s easy! One scoop per gallon of drinking water
  • May be used together with other Durvet poultry soluble products
  • Bet to use during the summer heat to encourage drinking and for chickens to stay hydrated.
  • Vitamins & Electrolytes Detail Sheet

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Pond-er This: What You Need to Know About Owning and Managing a Pond

FullSizeRender (4)By Joe Schneider (Owner of Sea 7) and Mike Gallagher (Durvet Aquatic Management Specialist)

Owning or managing a pond or lake can be really fun or really frustrating.

Most private pond and lake owners’ experiences probably fall somewhere in between. There can be problems associated with every aspect of a pond, even deciding what to call it…is it a “pond” or a “lake”?

Let’s clarify this first. There is no absolute definition between the two. The one used most often is the “5-acre rule”: Ponds are less than 5 acres while lakes are more than 5 acres. Since most ponds across the country are less than an acre, we will use the term “pond” for the sake of this blog post.

While ALL ponds are NOT created equal, there are some very common issues that can affect them. Continue reading “Pond-er This: What You Need to Know About Owning and Managing a Pond”