They’re A Natural: EQyss Provides Botanical Grooming Solutions for Over 25 Years

It’s that time of year. Summer. Heat, dust, and flying insects are a big part of most of our days as equestrians, and we’re constantly reaching for fly spray to ward them off or for the shampoo bucket, not only to get that show ring shine, but also to cool our horses.

But do you really know what’s in your products? Are they full of ingredients you can’t even pronounce? Do they come with warning labels about inhaling fumes or the potentially harmful environmental effects?

In 1991, a father/son duo founded EQyss with the mission to provide superior and safe products that work well and that you wouldn’t hesitate to use on yourself.  Extensive research goes into the development of each product to ensure the efficacy and safety of the formulation. This includes using natural and botanical ingredients whenever possible. Continue reading “They’re A Natural: EQyss Provides Botanical Grooming Solutions for Over 25 Years”

Guest Post: Supporting Horses through the Season of Change

As summer begins to give way to fall over much of the nation, the warm Horsesummer air is beginning to cool.

Leaves are starting to change, and it’s rapidly becoming time to think about moving horses off pasture and into the barn for the winter.

For some horses, changes in husbandry and housing can have a significant impact on their health and wellbeing. The stabling can result in decreased activity, leading to stiffness and reduced joint mobility in older horses. A horse’s respiratory health can also be impacted. Continue reading “Guest Post: Supporting Horses through the Season of Change”

Equine First Aid Medical Bag Checklist

My mother always told me, “Horses are accidents waiting to happen.” I find that this is especially true on a weekend…away from home…with no veterinarian around.First Aid Checklist for Horses (4)

Between my 30 years and my mother’s 50 years of horse ownership, we’ve put together a very comprehensive medical bag. My bag stays in my horse trailer at all times and has come in very handy in true emergencies.

It’s in no-way a substitute for veterinary care, but I have used it many times to triage an animal until the owner can get to a veterinarian for further diagnostics and treatment. Continue reading “Equine First Aid Medical Bag Checklist”

Gardening in the Midwest: Beetles, Deer and Groundhogs, Oh My!

Gardening in the Midwest always presents a challenge.

Unpredictable is the best way to describe our rainfall and temperature patterns, with records highs and lows often being the norm.

Factor in some common pests like ants and squirrels and you’ve got your hands full. Over the years, these challenges have been easily overcome by Bobby Bowers, Durvet Warehouse Manager and avid gardener.

Mother Nature decided to kick things up a notch this year and sling a few curveballs at Bobby – some of which had fur and large teeth! Continue reading “Gardening in the Midwest: Beetles, Deer and Groundhogs, Oh My!”

Product Spotlight: Durazyme


Durazyme Powder for Calves

  • Size:100 gm jar
  • Ideal for beef and dairy cattle owners
  • Used for newborn beef and dairy calves and cattle to supplement the cow’s colostrum or drug therapy. They will become more active and vigorous outcome of increased nursing action and higher colostrum intake. Therefore increasing their energy levels.
  • A natural biological product so it is non-medicated. No slaughter withdrawal. Helps establish gut microflora.
  • Use year round as needed
  • Most commonly used on beef and dairy calves and cattle

Two related Durvet products

Durazyme Paste for Calves

Durazyme Calf Colostrum Supplement

Guest Post: Protect Your Home, Farm and Animals from Unwanted Pests

Rodent populations remain at all-time highs!  Protect your home, farm and animals from unwanted pests with a well-managed rodent control program.

Mouse wBait_small

Controlling rats and mice is a constant battle that has been fought for centuries. In recent years however, milder weather patterns have created ideal conditions for rodent reproduction and increased populations. This creates numerous problems for those involved with agriculture and has many people looking for new and better ways to control rodents. Continue reading “Guest Post: Protect Your Home, Farm and Animals from Unwanted Pests”

Product Spotlight: GoatCare 2X


GoatCare 2X

  • Size: 3lb
  • Ideal for goat owners
  • For the removal and control of mature gastrointestinal nematode infections of goats including Haemonchus contortus, Ostertagia (Teladorsagia) circumcinta, and Trichostrongylus axei.
  • Does not adversely impact reproductive performance. FDA Approved for use in all classes of goats. Convenient, single dose treatment at any time during production cycle, helping you to strategically deworm the entire herd.
  • Use year round as needed
  • Most commonly used on goats

Two related Durvet products

Electro Gel

NeoMed 325 Soluble Powder